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Education Sector: Revolution Imminent

Compiled By: Afreen Baig and Mirza Rohail B

Pakistan has an estimated population of 170 million, above two per cent of the world’s population and it’s the 6th  largest country of the world.

Pakistan’s literacy rate was currently estimated at about 50% according to the United Nations Development Program 2009. As per the PSLM Survey 2004-05, the literacy rate of population 10 years and above was 53% showing an annual growth ratio of 1.5% since the 1998 census. As such, the estimated Literacy Rate comes to 56% in 2007. According to the statistics, Pakistan has made some steps forward trying to educate its children, but still there are around some 13 million children that do not receive any education and instead work or hard labor jobs or even in the streets, being completely or almost illiterate. Statistics indicate that India with 61%, Sri-Lanka with 90%, Iran 82% and China 93% are the few Asian countries with much faster development rate than Pakistan.

According to statistics by the Ministry of Education, there are 256,088 educational institutions of all categories in Pakistan, with a total enrollment of 37,462,884 students. 

 There are 182,477 (71%) education institutions in the public sector and 73,611 (29%) in private sector. Enrolment wise, public sector has an enrollment of 25,213,894 (67%) in various categories of educational institutions whereas 12,248,990 (33%) enrolment is in the private sector. The total male student enrolment is 21.133 million (56%), whereas the total female student enrolment is 16.329 million (44%). The total teaching staff is 1,363,501, out of which 0.756 million (56%) is in the public sector and 0.606 million (44%) in the private sector. Out of the total 1.363 million teachers, 0.617 million (47%) are male and 0.695 million (53%) are female teachers.

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