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Pakistan’s Financial Services Sector

Courtesy: South Asia Investor Review

Pakistan has been ranked 34 out of 52 countries in the World Economic Forum’s first Financial Development Report, which was released in Pakistan through the Competitiveness Support Fund (CSF) in December, 2008.

The report is a comprehensive analysis of financial systems and capital markets in 52 countries that explores key drivers of financial system development and economic growth in developing and developed countries and serves as a tool by which countries can benchmark themselves and establish priorities for financial system improvement.

Pakistan’s Banking sector turned profitable in 2002. Their profits continued to rise for the next five years and peaked to Rs 84.1 ($1.1 billion) billion in 2006.

Arthur Bayhan, Chief Executive of the Competitiveness Support, told the media: “I am very happy to see that financial system in Pakistan is well reformed and competitive vis-à-vis Asia and Europe. Pakistan is ranked ahead of the Russian Federation (35), Indonesia (38), Turkey (39), Poland (41), Brazil (40), Philippines (48) and Kazakhstan (45).”

The United States narrowly edged the United Kingdom to take the top position in the Financial Development Index. The United Kingdom was second while China ranked 24 and India 31.

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Banks and Financial Institutions of Pakistan

Banks State & Private  state-bank2

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List of Insurance Companies in Pakistan

updated  10 February 2013

I. Public sector  insurance

  • 1. National Insurance Corporation                                                         
  • 2. Pakistan Reinsurance Company Ltd.
  • 3. Postal Life Insurance
  • 4. State Life Insurance Corporation Ltd.

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